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    Once you sign up for this program, you will receive a starting packet of information. This includes a more detailed list of questions and a tracking sheet. All you need for the tracking sheet is a measuring tape. The questions give us more detailed background information on your so that we can ensure the program you select will help you reach your goals. We also know how to modify your program to make it a perfect fit for you.
    You will be communicating with us personally vs. this being just an automated system. Our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life and teach you the QuickFitRx way for long term success and to ensure you adapt to a fit lifestyle.

    Will I be counting calories or macros while on this program?
    This program is designed to take the guesswork out for you. The baseline is set for the duration of the program and it evolves as you make progress. The program adapts to you and the various stages you in, in terms of results. The first program you will start will be based on a caloric range based on your goal. The Macros will depend on what you are hoping to achieve. For muscle development and shaping the macros can be higher in protein for example. If you are looking to lose fat and get leaner, the protein may not be as high as our muscle building phase. This is for us to figure out and for you not to worry about. As your body changes the calories and macros will to.
    Do I have to cook or know how to cook and follow recipes?
    This program is somewhat designed by you. If you like cooking, with our 12 and 15 week programs we provide recipes that you can incorporate. If you don’t cook, we can design your program to make it simple and easy choices for on the go and those who do not cook.
    Can I do this program if I travel a lot? Or go on a lot of business trips?
    Where there is a will, there is a way. Many of our clients come to us out of balance because they don’t know how to deal with busy schedules or travel demands. We have many solutions that you can consider. Your success matters to us. We do what we can to ensure our clients see the value in what we offer and how it serves them. There is no situation we can not accommodate except an unwilling participant. Change does take some shifting and learning how to modify your perspective.
    When do I have to Start my plan?
    Once you receive your program, you determine the best start date for you. Your program should be worked for the duration with minimum interruption.
    Is there a better time to start a program?
    The most ideal time to start your program is on a Monday for most. If you are waiting for no obstacles or events in your life to start this plan, we suggest you rethink that. It’s important that you know there will always be obstacles, some set backs and the best way to approach this is to come up with sensible solutions. However, We don’t suggest starting this when you are leaving on vacation. You want to start your first 2 weeks when you feel you can give your program the time and attention it needs. If you are always busy than just start the program and begin to learn how to manage your meals and workouts into your schedule because it will never be an ideal time. You have to work with your lifestyle the best that you can.
    How Long Does it Take Until I receive my Plan?
    Once we get all your info back including before pictures we will begin making your plan. It typically takes us 3-5 days to make a plan unless we are traveling then it takes a max of 7-8 days. Your program will be sent you sooner, if we can get it to you sooner. If you purchase your program on a Wednesday you will receive it on a Friday to begin on Monday. If you sent it after a Wednesday, it is likely you will receive your program Monday to begin on a Wednesday. The couple of days in between will give you a chance to get your food and order your supplements. You have time to get organized! You can change your start date however you wish, but keep in mind your body compositions determine which program is right for you. If there is a fluctuation to your weight or body fat this can skew the program and the formulas should reflect where you are at upon purchase for accurate tracking and results.
    What does the Meal plan Look Like?
    Your meal program will be a timed approach and have a variety of carbs, proteins and fats. The zig-zagged dieting approach (shifting of macros in the way of fats, protein and carbs) we use will include some cheat meals and variances to the macros for best results. You will eat every 2.5-3 hours and ensure your metabolism stays hot. The closer you come to this menu the better results you are likely to get. You will get a food exchange sheet to use. This will be handy when you travel, eat out or you just aren’t in the mood for something on your meal program. It keeps your program somewhat flexible.
    Do I get to work with Michelle or another coach personally?
    Overall, you will work on your own. This is an online system that encourages independence. We do answer your questions and can act as back up support for your questions, need of solutions and how to approach various events in your life. You are never alone. We hope that the program you receive is comprehensive enough to understand, but we understand some may need more support. We are here to give you coaching via email unlimited. We are happy to help give you guidance the best that we can.
    Without having you in person will it be hard for me to stay motivated?
    Motivation will come when you see visible changes in only two weeks. As you make progress this positive reinforcement. Receiving results is infectious and will make you want to stay on track. You will learn this is not so hard after all. It’s about consistency and getting in a rhythm, learning how to handle the obstacles and turn them into solutions. We all cheat and fall off the wagon, but you will dust yourself off and learn how to keep on moving towards your goals regardless.
    Do we give out Sample Diets or Sample Workouts?
    We do not give out examples because they are unique to each individual. A format for one person may look entirely different than another and is based on what we prescribe for you and ONLY you. This is a structured meal and workout system that is utilized for hundreds. We do our best to meet your expectations using some of our many templates that we modify to include foods you love and times that you prefer to eat your meals.
    How Expensive will the food be?
    If you decide you want to repeat several food choices, you have that choice. It’s important that you indicate that when completing your initial questionnaire. Your grocery list is likely to be less because you are simplifying your meals and most save money this way. We suggest you eat your food fresh and organic so be sure that you do shop accordingly and buy your food ever few days vs. all at once. It’s better to buy your food for 3-5 days at time when it comes to fruits and vegetables especially. Everyone enjoys fresh food more! This is always your option. Buy your food in bulk when and if you can, cooking in bulk and freezing your food is your option.
    How expensive will my Supplements be and do I have to take them?
    Supplements are optional and vary from client to client depending on needs.
    Can I still Drink Alcohol on this plan?
    Light drinking can be included. Alcohol is not worked into your program. It is often a cheat or something that you do need to minimize due to the negative side effects. However, we do understand a large population drinks and it’s a part of many lifestyles. We can give you suggestions on how to modify and include alcohol, as a part of your program, but it will be organized and in moderation.
    Is this a Fad Diet? Will I have to buy packaged food or join a support group?
    This is not a fad diet. This is a culmination of all the most popular programs on the market that make our programs effective and unique. We use what works and streamline your results. Our goal is to make you independent not dependent on us. We want to ensure that you know how to manage yourself since you have to live with yourself long term. You will not buy any packaged foods, unless you want to. We certainly know of some great companies that can package your meals for you. You just need to ask! You only join a support group if you want to.
    How many Hours Per week will you have to workout?
    Everyone of our clients likes to spend different amounts of time at the gym. Your approach will be up to you. We can create a 3x per week 30 min system for you or it can be 7 days a week 2x a day if you are a hard charger. Time can vary during various phases as well depending on your conditioning system and fitness level. Our starting questions help set the tone for your workout habits and what may work and not work for you.
    What is the difference between the 12 week and the 15 week programs?
    Your body fat and weight determine our programs. Where you are starting determines the most ideal place to begin. At that point we want to set the program at the right amount of calories, macros and workout time to ensure you get to your goal in the shortest period of time. When you view our programs, you will see that we give details as to what body fat is most ideal for that program. When you do our starting evaluation you will also be sent an email that share with you, which programs are a most ideal fit for your needs.
    Does Online Personal Training Work?
    We have had many clients throughout the world who have achieved extreme results using these very programs. The Accelerator Program has been run successfully since 2002. This is not about a quick fix, but a quicker way to reach your goals with the right prescription in place. This is not about doing a diet and work out; it’s about learning how to live a fit lifestyle that you can continue long term. You will learn how to maintain and manage your lifestyle with the habits you learn while on your program.
    Can my program be shared with my family?
    Your program is going to be a part of the new lifestyle you are developing. You want your family on board. The only issue is that your program is set up for you. If you have family members your height and weight this makes sense. The best thing to do is purchase a second program. Let us know you have a second person before you purchase and we will send you an invoice. It is ½ off your second program for a family member or friend upon purchase. We also do group programs and can give you a price based on how many people you want to include. It makes it less expensive for everyone!
    Does Online Training mean I get to work with a Trainer in Person?
    No. By using an online system you will save a lot of money in personal training fees. Most people do not need personal training if they have some fitness experience. This system can be used with a trainer if you feel you need some basic help in the gym. You can also use videos as a part of your program. Check out our QuickFitTv section where you will find all you need to watch and learn how to get fit!
    Do we ever meet with a Trainer in Person if we are a Online Client?
    No, Online training will be done on your own and through emailing weekly with Micah and Diana. At the end of your transformation if you choose to do after pictures and be featured then you will meet with Micah or Diana to do them and video if you choose too!!
    I want to Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time, which program should I do?
    It’s not possible to get bigger and lose fat at the same time, the diets are different and the workouts and cardio are different. We have a plan called the Get Big Get Ripped that is geared to get you bigger and more ripped, you will get a plan to get bigger and a plan to lose fat
    I want to build muscle where should my starting body fat be?
    Its important to be lean first before bulking, if you do it when you have too much fat it will be much easier for your body to gain fat, so for guys be 12-14% body fat or less before starting, for women 16%-18% body fat or less
    Can I do QuickFitRx if I am a diabetic? Type 1 or type 2?
    Dieticians have approved this program. Many clients have gotten clean bills of health using this program. This program has to do with the metabolism running efficiently and your sugar levels being in a place of balance. Many of our clients have been able to lower their dose or get off their meds entirely. The way you eat on this program can be very healing for many health issues and conditions. However, your doctor should always approve what you are doing and we suggest that you speak to your doctor about the diet that we send you to ensure this is ideal for you. We will modify it if we must and adjust things to ensure you and your doctor are comfortable.
    Can I do QuickFitRx if I have celiac or other digestive diseases can I use this program?
    Dieticians have approved this program. Many clients have gotten clean bills of health using this program. When you fill out your starting questions you will let us know of your health conditions. We can adjust our programs. We offer Gluten-Free Programs.
    Can I do QuickFitRx if I fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or other auto-immune disorders?
    Our Found and Coach Michelle Johnson has suffered from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. This program helped heal her conditions and she was able to achieve an all time high with her physique and well being in her early and late forties. There is no reason this can not be you. It’s about how you approach these conditions and you must learn how to balance your nutrition. More super foods and micro nutrients are involved for health and healing. Your contraindications to any meds you are taking will be considered. Workouts are designed for your fitness level and how you are feeling. You are in great hands!
    Can I do QuickFitRx if I have hormonal or thyroid issues?
    This is one of our specialties. Dieticians have approved this program. Many clients have achieved results using our program regardless. However, working with your doctor to ensure your medications are in the right place is an important part of ensuring your success. Some have been able to lower doses and get off their meds entirely. . When you fill out your starting questions you will let us know of your health conditions. We can adjust our programs. We offer Gluten-Free Programs.
    Can I see results even if I am over 40 or 50?
    Absolutely. Many have gotten into the best shape of their life even at this age. Our founder and coach Michelle Johnson is a great example!
    Are there refunds?
    There is a no refund policy! Why? Because we eliminate excuses. Quitting once you start should not be an option. We hope you will take that mindset of making this a new adventure and just seeing how well you do. Rather than sweat failing and looking at it from a black and white perspective. There is growth in the gray areas. It’s about progress not perfection. You can always make up for lost time in new phases.
    Be solution minded and finish what you start. If you invest in yourself you are already taking a stance to reach your goals. These programs are custom made. This takes time. You can’t return a program once it’s made. This is a process that your body gets into and it’s best to work the process the best you can. Once you purchase you have hopefully gained our trust enough to believe we can help you succeed if we have been able to help so many others. Once you sign up, you are stating to yourself and us that you are 100% committed to your health and fitness goals! You can handle your program how you see fit once you receive it. We make suggestions, but you ultimately make your choices.
    Do I have to Take before Pics?
    Yes and No. It is your choice to not share photos since this is your program. Without photos you do limit your potential to reach body shaping goals for our body shaping programs. The changes in your shape help determine the right next steps. When we custom our programs seeing your shape makes all the difference in how we determine which path is best for you and what phase you are in. We will return your final photos to you with your starting photos side by side so you can see the amazing shifts and changes.
    Will my photos be shared?
    Your photos will not be shared without you signing a release form. You can also cut your head off of your photos and send them in anonymously. We do like to see your face and see changes in your face as well, but we understand the privacy issue and we always respect it.

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