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Accelerator Premium Packages

Rev up your metabolism! The Accelerator System is a highly effective nutrition and body sculpting system designed by Michelle Johnson.  Blast body fat and grown lean muscle for optimum shaping. This is a structured Nutrition & Fitness Training System. You will receive powerful results in no time! We have received a thumbs up from many leading fitness experts and nutritionists around the globe. We want to be YOUR SECRET WEAPON!

Check out the Accelerator Program TESTIMONIALS and the TRANSFORMATIONS page.

A La Carte Programs


4, 8 and 12 Week Options


3, 7 and 14 Day Options

Core Programs

These programs each have a unique approach and last between 2 and 16 weeks.

Fibromyalgia Fixer

12 Weeks


12 Weeks

Figure 8

8 Weeks

Fitness over 50

12 Weeks

Widdle Your Middle

6 Weeks

Pre & Post Partum, Lactating

6 Weeks

Wedding Prep

6 Weeks

Little Black Dress

2 Weeks

Kids, Teens and College

4 Weeks

Synergystics Mind Body

4 Weeks

Special Circumstances? We Can Help

If you have any of the following special circumstances, or something not listed, click here to add a Special Circumstances package to your purchase. This can be added to any of our programs.  Our coach will contact you once they receive your order.

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