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    Articles Tagged with: fitness
    A Set Back Can Be A Great Set Up For A Great Comeback

    If you are going to attract exactly what you want in life, it is important you learn how to sharpen your focus and follow through. A comeback is necessary when we pigeonhole ourselves. The problem with goals setting and why goals may go by the wayside has to do with how we approach our goals. If we don’t have a realistic plan or know how to handle obstacles we may not be able to bounce back if we are derailed. Setting a goal opens a door to a new adventure. We must have strategies for how we will handle obstacles along the way. Without a game plan and a sound approach a goal remains just that, only a goal. The fact is that many of us get derailed. Our goal does not always happen at the very time we said it would. We start out of the gates strong, fizzle out, maybe dust ourselves off once or twice, only to find yourself once again setting the very same goal. What is that determines the fate of your goals? It is one thing to set a goal and another thing to be able to execute it from beginning to end. It is also another thing to know how to make a comeback if you do get derailed. What needs to shift and change in order for you to keep moving ahead and not lose sight of your vision?

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    What To Do When Faced With Uncertainty & Change

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    We must all learn to live beautifully and be kind to one another even when there is uncertainty and change. We tend to scramble when everything is in a flux. The very nature of our existence is in a flux. Things keep changing whether we are aware of it or not.

    So how can we live wholeheartedly in the face of impermanence? Is it possible for us to increase our tolerance for instability and change?

    Life is not always going to go your way! This is why it is so important to practice discipling your mind. The challenge is to notice the emotional tugs things have on you. Stay with the feeling for 1.5 minutes without the story line. This is also a somatic technique that is good to work on during meditation. How long can you endure the discomfort or struggle with sticking to this exercise without letting your mind shift into stories. Many times our emotions make a very wrong story or miscommunication right. So keep in mind perception is very relative to how you feel in the moment. Be aware that most stories we tell without facts are not even true?Read More




    If you want to get fit and don’t have access to a gym, no worries! These 10 Metabolic moves will work your muscle groups and give you all the results you are after. You will scorch lots of calories without any equipment at all.

    When you workout at an intensity that you can’t sustain for a long period of time, your muscles begin to burn and your breath becomes heavy. Muscles fill up with lactic acid (that’s what gives you the burning feeling). When you start to feel out of breath, your oxygen stores become depleted. HIIT (high-intensity training) forces the body to work in order to build oxygen stores back up. This goes on for 16-24 hours after you have worked out. The result is more calories burned. When you are resting your body is working to clear the lactic acid so it can gain oxygen back.

    The EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption allows you to train for shorter periods of time than Steady-State endurance exercises. The more intensely you perform your sessions during the aerobic phase, the great the EPOC. You will preserve muscle and lose fat as a result. The focus in on increasing your V02 max which uses oxygen for energy. Adding two workouts like this per week can give you a metabolic boost. Working different aerobic systems with lower and higher impact moves will help build your fast and white twitch muscle fibers so you can get into optimum condition.

    You must raise your conditioning levels in order to rid the body of unwanted body fat. This enables you to push harder for shorter periods of time and ensure you get the results you are striving for. In turn, you become a fat burning muscle building machine with higher HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels in order to raise your metabolism so that it works for you and not against you. This also makes a great plateau buster for those who struggle shedding those final ten pounds. Metabolic conditioning workouts ensure that you keep your energy systems active and can maintain your results longer term.


    • Muscles adapt better and can deliver the oxygen needed to the muscles that are working
    • Heart gets stronger
    • Muscles develop a higher tolerance to the build up of lactic acid so they can work harder
    • Facilitates a training intensity that is high without compromising the body or burning it out
    • Performed 2-3x per week, it can improve endurance and strength
    • Increases the metabolism helping the body burn more calories and body fat

    Simply follow these moves – suitable for all fitness levels – to raise your heart rate and lose inches all over. You will set a timer for this routine and perform each exercise for 30 seconds – 1 min. Overtime; you can build your conditioning, as you build your time. Vary the tempo each round. You will not rest until all exercises are complete. Let your heart rate come down and rest for 2 mins. You then have the option to repeat all exercises again for 2-3 more rounds. Be sure you wear a heart rate monitor that tracks both your heart rate and calories you are burning. When you do each round go all out!

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    Metabolic Syndrome: What?

    Struggling with weight loss or reduction of bodyfat regardless of how hard you are working and how many changes to your diet you have made? There is a new sheriff in town! It’s called Metabolic Syndrome and is also known as Insulin Resistance.  This condition will determine how well you respond to diet and exercise. There are ways to predetermine if you are in a battle with the bulge due to your age, heredity, body type and various health issues that you may be in the dark about.


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